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what is liberal arts degree

A liberal arts degree will offer you a wide range of highly sought-after skills, a few of which we have outlined below: Analytical, evaluative, critical and creative thinking skills, Effective oral and written communication skills, Problem-solving and pattern intelligence skills, Ability to learn and synthesize new ideas, Experience in quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Ability to be sensitive to others and be tolerant of cultural differences, Foreign language skills and cross-cultural knowledge, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. What is it like to study at a liberal arts college? Today, liberal arts degrees are most commonly offered in the US. A liberal arts degree is a broad term covering an education programme that encompasses the arts, humanities and social sciences. A liberal arts and sciences degree ensures graduates will be the ones shaping that future. Please tell us about the city you studied in or a city No doubt the liberal arts education is an interesting degree program for the students, It helps us for an understanding of literature, languages, art history, music history, philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, and science of specific region or area. While liberal arts education has long had an established place in the US higher education system, it has only recently resurfaced in continental Europe, where it originated. Some who study a liberal arts degree pursue careers in politics, whether it is working in administration, with a political party or running for office themselves. If you like what you're reading online, why not take advantage of our subscription and get unlimited access to all of Times Higher Education's content? For example, the Socratic Method is a type of teaching in which students present and defend arguments and teachers talk very little, acting as arbiters of the conversation. It was most recently updated in January 2020. A liberal arts degree, like any other degree, may or may not pave the way to your career success, but it will likely reduce the usual disconnect between the major and the job in whatever field you end up. World History 2. Liberal arts students can also concentrate on music, sculpture, fine arts and performing arts. Read more: Best liberal arts colleges in the United States. It offers a set of versatile and envisioning skills that everyone needs in everyday life. The ‘Liberal Arts’ go back to the Ancient Greeks who considered a liberal arts education to be the ultimate mark of an educated person. Benefits of Liberal Arts Degrees . Social sciences are a major liberal arts academic area. All rights reserved. Liberal arts education (from Latin liberalis "free" and ars "art or principled practice") is the traditional academic program in Western higher education. As students progress through university they can then start to specialise in areas that are of particular interest. The colleges tend to be relatively small and place value on the close relationships between students and their professors. QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. They include history, sociology, geography and political science. A liberal arts degree gives students the opportunity to study many different areas of interest and to consider various career options. Just imagine going to a party, let's say, and not being able to talk about different relevant topics because you are economist and you have no idea about philosophy. As to what you can do with a degree in liberal arts, the benefits go far beyond the specific subject knowledge from a particular degree. There are hundreds of dedicated liberal arts colleges in the US, with even more institutions offering a liberal arts program alongside other options. At the moment less than half of European countries have liberal arts colleges or universities with a liberal arts degree program; namely Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. In May, Missouri Western State University announced major cuts in response to a historic budget shortfall. A liberal arts degree prepares you for a wide range of jobs across many industries. The Liberal Arts Degree is exactly what its name suggests – liberal. Though the concept of liberal arts originates in Europe, today it’s much less prevalent than in the US – though in recent years liberal arts degrees have become more widely available. For example, a communications degree focuses on several disciplines related to spoken and written communication like radio, television, and written journalism. There are some notable differences between dedicated liberal arts colleges and other universities in the US. You want to hone your soft skills. Modern liberal arts curriculums, however, allow students to study a much larger range of subjects, but they still retain the core aims of the traditional liberal arts curricula: to develop well-rounded individuals with general knowledge of a wide range of subjects and with mastery of a range of transferable skills. The wider perspectives you acquire during your liberal arts course might make you a better professional in your field. However, it’s often judged because it may be too broad and come with fewer job opportunities compared to other majors. The aim of a liberal arts education was to produce a person who was virtuous and ethical, knowledgeable in many fields and highly articulate. See more. Some misperceptions may rise from a misunderstanding of what is involved in a liberal arts program and how it can prepare students for the future. Liberal arts definition, the academic course of instruction at a college intended to provide general knowledge and comprising the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, as opposed to professional or technical subjects. Whereas universities tend to prioritize research, liberal arts colleges have more staff members dedicated to teaching full-time, rather than a combination of graduate student teaching assistants and research professors. There is obviously a lot to know about this. Throughout your degree, you will have access to an academic advisor on … I think you made some good points in Features also. A Liberal Arts Degree can refer to either an actual Bachelor of Liberal Arts or a degree in one of many Liberal Arts disciplines. Liberal arts degree jobs are more available in a diverse range of fields than ever before. Across the US, there are a number of liberal arts colleges dedicated to providing students with a liberal arts education. At liberal arts colleges there is an emphasis on undergraduate study that includes a wide range of subjects, from science to humanities. Liberal arts education has been around for thousands of years, since the time of the Ancient Greeks. A Master of Liberal Arts and Science degree program is designed for students who wish to receive an interdisciplinary education while sharpening their critical-thinking and reasoning abilities. Some students may also choose to specialize by picking a major or minor subject in a specific area (common subjects to major in include business, law, communication, research and politics). Academic subjects such as mathematics, physical and social sciences, philosophy, and literature are all incorporated into a liberal arts degree. A liberal arts degree falls into the humanities category and is the general study of art, literature, language, history and philosophy. There is no set formula that a liberal arts degree has to follow and that is perhaps one of its most appealing factors. Public relations specialists are responsible for establishing and maintaining a suitable public image for an organization or company. Liberal arts degrees, in many employer eyes, are considered a useless major because they only teach soft skills like effective writing and speaking, which can severely lessen your job marketability. Liberal arts degrees are found at nearly every college and higher institutions of learning, creating the bedrock of a student’s education for centuries. Read on for a fuller exploration of the question “What is liberal arts?” – including all you need to know about what studying liberal arts entails and what students can gain from a liberal arts degree…, A brief history of liberal arts education. Liberal arts degrees are appealing to employers: employers recognize that liberal arts graduates have the necessary transferable skills to adapt to a changing workplace. There are differences in the particular subjects included in liberal arts degree programs at different institutions. The following motivations can help you figure out whether you should consider pursuing a liberal arts degree. abdulsalam a, dr.anita A & 4 others saved this, Use at least 6 characters and one numeral. Finance: Most employers who recruit for financial teams or accountants will require a degree in finance, economics, or math. … Well, I think that liberal Arts education is a great way to expand your knowledge in different areas, while also focusing on you major. Students earn either a BA or a BSc certification and can then progress to either a graduate school or a professional school. Instead, liberal arts sharpen your research, writing and critical thinking skills to prepare you for a broad range of careers. During the era of classical antiquity, liberal arts was considered essential education for a free individual active in civic life. Their study programs allow you to select a set of core modules which you’ll follow for the whole duration of your course and also choose other subjects you’re interested to study. Considerably more difficult than the trivium, the quadrivium was used to prepare its students for the more serious study of philosophy and theology. A liberal arts degree can teach you in-demand soft skills, such as critical thinking. They used skills such as grammar and logic, which can all be attributed to a modern liberals arts degree. What do you learn and what kind of jobs could you do with one? At the time, this would have entailed being able to participate in public debate, defend oneself and serve in court and on juries, and perform military service. A liberal arts degree is made up of interconnected studies so a student can train in multiple areas under their specific program. Or if you discovered a passion for languages, a career in translation could be a good step. Liberal Arts degree courses at the University of Kent are designed to develop you a fundamental understanding of a broad array of interdisciplinary subjects. While some universities now offer a one-year associate’s degree in liberal arts, it’s more common for liberal arts degrees in the US to be earned over four years of full-time study. A liberal arts education teaches you some of the most in-demand skills out there, including critical thinking and creative problem-solving. However, the liberal arts degree is often viewed as 'too broad and lacking focus' because it allows investigation into many subjects, such as literature, sociology, philosophy, math and political science. Some universities in the UK and Europe also offer liberal arts degrees. If you’re still unsure whether a liberal arts degree is for you, here are some of the key benefits of a liberal arts degree: Instead of choosing a career at the beginning of their degree, liberal arts students are more likely to be focusing on learning as much as they can about the world around them, which opens up opportunities across many industry sectors. Public Relations Specialist. This can include specific subjects such as: 1. The “useless liberal arts degree,” instead, seems to be reserved for those individuals who have taken on the double-whammy of impracticality: a liberal arts degree in a humanities subject. Thus, we can assume, that liberal arts education does not only help you with gaining new knowledge but it makes you an interesting person, which is what people want from you. Find the world's top universities in your subject, 10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America, Across the world, advocates of liberal arts education criticize the educational formats and curriculums of other degree programs for their over-emphasis of technical capabilities while neglecting other vital skills. This leads to a belief that Liberal Arts students suffer from: A lack of preparation for employment or jobs. Liberal Arts Teaching Methods are often used in classroom settings to encourage group participation and discussion, regardless of whether or not the material is considered a liberal art. These days, a liberal arts degree is more about analysis, communication skills, the ability to study across a number of different subjects and critical thinking skills. Students take courses in the humanities, arts, sciences, and social sciences. Outside the US, liberal arts colleges are more rare, but there are a few in the Netherlands, France, Japan, the Philippines and Africa. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. Jobs for liberal arts majors could include becoming a journalist or a professor, getting involved in politics or curating a museum, helping businesses succeed or marketing products. In general, however, the term refers to degree programs that aim to provide a broader spectrum of knowledge and skills. A liberal arts degree prepares you for jobs that are yet to be created. They are actually quite useful if you have just enrolled in college and are perhaps unsure of what to specialize in. While some of the following careers require further education (such as a master’s or doctorate degree) some typical careers with a liberal arts degree include: This article was originally published in January 2014. Keep working, great job ! © QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. Of these, only the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany have more than one institution teaching liberal arts degrees. A Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) provides a broad overview of humanities and is ideal for students who have a variety of academic interests they wish to explore. So, in a modern context, what is a liberal arts education? This is where a three-year Degree course or a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Arts education from Bennett University will come in handy … Please login or register to post comment above our articles. There are now many subjects that fall within the broad scope of the category; a typical liberal arts degree program is interdisciplinary, covering topics within the humanities, as well as social, natural and formal sciences. Ever wondered what it would be like to study one of the oldest subjects in the world? No matter how great economist you are, people will think you are boring and you will feel like an outsider. A few liberal arts colleges in the US are women-only and others may have a religious affiliation. According to a study by the World Economic Forum– The Future of Jobs, almost 65% of children who are in primary schools will end up in jobs that don’t even exist just yet. Subjects included in a liberal arts degree could be (but are not limited to) English literature, history, Classics, politics and philosophy, and some degrees may even include mathematics, sociology and economics. A degree in liberal arts means that you are a creative thinker, curious, and initiative oriented which sets you apart from other candidates. So, is a liberal arts degree worth it? Want more content like this? What can you do with a liberal arts degree? The origins of a liberal arts degree. It shapes a person, an individual, someone, who is interesting to talk with. What is it like to study at a liberal arts college?Does studying the liberal arts present you with too much choice?Brits in America: why the liberal arts works for indecisivenessChanging perceptions of women-only universities. Here, our Director of Student Experience Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper breaks down the differences between these programmes, aiming to help you make an informed choice about what programme will suit you best. This situation is a great example of a person without liberal arts education. This was extended in medieval times to include four further subjects: arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy, named the quadrivium – so there were seven liberal arts subjects in the medieval liberal arts curriculum. Although a liberal arts degree doesn't specifically prepare or educate you for a particular industry, it instead provides you with the general … For the past several years the job market is changing rapidly. There is, of course, the option to continue in further education or to pursue a career in academia, conducting research and teaching in an area of particular interest. There are so many career paths that you can follow on completing a liberal arts degree. Most liberal arts colleges are small and residential, with smaller enrollment and class sizes and a lower student-teacher ratio, with teachers becoming mentors and even research partners with their students. Students can also follow careers working in museums or art galleries. Brits in America: why the liberal arts works for indecisiveness, Changing perceptions of women-only universities, Best liberal arts colleges in the United States, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). You'll get full access to our website, print and digital editions. One of the key benefits of studying a liberal arts degree is that it includes a whole host of different subjects and gives students the opportunity to explore many areas of interest. The Liberal Arts BA is interdisciplinary, providing you with a wide choice of modules from across our Arts & Humanities Faculty and from selected subjects in the Social Science & Public Policy Faculty. Meanwhile in Asia, there is a network of respectable liberal arts universities, the Alliance of Liberal Arts Universities (AALAU) – a group that was established in November 2017. However, depending on which study you read, the opposite may be true: Many HR managers consider soft skills to be a bonus. Many of the most prestigious universities in the US are liberal arts colleges such as Wellesley College and Amherst College. To begin, it is important to understand what is meant by the phrase liberal arts. Still, the unique field of philosophy is a liberal arts degree that students will pursue if they wish to work in higher education organizations. Liberal Arts degrees are particularly well established in the USA. Liberal arts education has been around for thousands of years, since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Below is a list of jobs and career paths you can take as a liberal arts major: 1. Many liberal arts programmes also offer the opportunity to study abroad so that students can immerse themselves in the culture, literature and history of other countries. I am always searching online for articles that can help me. However, the liberal arts spectrum is generally accepted as covering the following fields: The term ‘liberal arts education’ can also be applied to the dedicated study of just one of the above subjects (for example, a student studying a BA in Philosophy could be said to be undertaking a liberal arts education). Critics say liberal arts degrees have less value because they fail to help students find good-paying positions or any job right after college. All rights reserved. A liberal arts college is a four-year institution of higher education with a focus on undergraduate programs of study that lead to a bachelor's degree. Liberal arts degrees like literature, journalism, sociology, or psychology can prepare you to work in marketing, public relations, advertising, and marketing. Because of the many skills attained during a liberal arts degree and the variety of subjects covered, liberal arts graduates will find that they are in a strong position to consider many different career paths. It was used to define the skills that a person might need to partake in public life, including public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries and, most importantly, military service. Whether a liberal arts degree is worth it to you depends on your interests, skills, and chosen career path. You might have heard the phrase 'liberal arts' before, but this is just one of several terms that's used in a variety of ways in different educational and cultural contexts. The future of this program is bright and its will very beneficial for the understanding of different cultures exist in this world. Cons of a liberal arts education include lower earnings and more career planning. Register for free site membership to get regular updates and your own personal content feed. There are many liberal arts colleges across the country and there is sure to be one that fits what you are looking for. Liberal arts colleges typically rely heavily on student participation and encourage a high level of student-teacher interaction, mentorship and collaboration. The Association of American Colleges and Universities defines a truly Liberal education as one which "prepares people to live responsible, productive and creative lives in a dramatically changing world". But what actually is a liberal arts degree? Does studying the liberal arts present you with too much choice? Liberal arts generally covers three areas: sciences, arts, and humanities.Its central academic disciplines include philosophy, logic, linguistics, literature, history, political science, sociology, and psychology. Many students go on to work in media and communications or journalism and PR, having developed excellent communication skills during their degree. According to the most recent salary survey published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) average starting salaries for liberal arts majors have risen to about $40,000, annually. They also usually have smaller class sizes and academic staff are more likely to teach than to carry out research. It was used to define the skills that a person might need to partake in public life, including public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries and, most importantly, military service. In today’s constantly changing economic landscape, being prepared for a future not yet written is essential. Due to its broad curriculum, a liberal arts degree prepares you for diverse career paths. At this time, liberal arts covered only three subjects: grammar, rhetoric and logic, collectively known as the trivium. Simply put, a liberal arts and sciences degree provides students with the skills employers most want from recent graduates, while also preparing them for careers that don’t yet exist. Once considered only an option in the United States, liberal arts degrees and programmes are now offered by universities around the world, including in the UK, Japan and South Korea.

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