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celebrity jazz albums

Years before Elton John, he persisted with the funny glasses, wore ecclesiastical robes and played some of the strangest piano you’ll ever be lucky enough to hear. Bill Bruford albums. Whatever setting she’s chosen for herself in the past decade, it’s been apposite. (SN), Tristano (p), Lee Konitz (as), Peter Ind, Gene Ramey (b), Jeff Morton and Art Taylor (d). Rec. Staggering really for such a perfectly poised jazz chamber group, that can take your breath away. Undiluted precedent-breaking music from Parker, aided and abetted by the best and most sympathetic colleagues of the day. The highlight may have been ‘Poinciana’, but every track is an object lesson in how to draw the best from a tune. Rec. Jazz “style” is so cinematic that it is often used to pep up soundtracks. “I hear it everywhere – it becomes hard to separate the modality that exists in rock ’n’ roll, some of it could be directly from Kind of Blue.”. Holiday pleaded with him to get her a “bag”. Now, whether one has heard of Charlie Parker or not, we inherit a motion of cool, an idea of well-etched individuality, a certain angle of descent.”. Thus there’s fleeting references to jazz, blues, surf guitars, film noir moods, country music plus short, sharp noise shocks all made possible by Bill Frisell’s versatile guitar. And there it sits in at least five million CD collections. The world’s greatest vocal group gets hip, while Bach never sounded so cool (sorry, Walter Carlos). Canadiana Suite may be Peterson’s creative high water point, but Night Train defines him. It’s strange to think that Miles was recording this masterpieces at exactly the same time Elvis was recording “All Shook Up”, but then it’s also bizarre to think that the Bee Gees were recording “Staying Alive” at the same time as The Clash were completing their first album. 1969, A spin on a fairground carousel that nevertheless stays on the side of art rather than entertainment. Miles was remarkably successful in marrying musical opposites: 20th century classical concepts such as harmonic simplicity, exotic scales and African rhythms all in a relaxed, swinging groove. This collection of his best work, from 1925-29, includes some of the earliest recorded jazz and “West End Blues”, once called “the most perfect three minutes of music” ever created. Often called the best guitar picker who ever drew breath, his style stemmed from the fact he only had two operational fingers on his left hand (it was damaged in a caravan fire in 1928). This collection has many of his classics – “Ornithology”, “Ko-Ko”, “Groovin' High” etc – as well as his greatest ever recording, the incomparable “A Night in Tunisia”, which must rank as not only just one of the greatest jazz records of all time, but one of the greatest records, period. Rec. No matter how much I tried. 1964, Funnily enough, although Out To Lunch has the iconic cover and evolutionary reputation, the real breakthrough Dolphy disc, Conversations, was made the previous summer, 1963, for the tiny FM label. 1945-48, Parker, of course, made his most innovatory music on record prior to the invention of the LP, so every collection of his brilliant music from the 1940s is a latter-day compilation of the original 78rpm singles. He also brought back to jazz that rough, keening wail and constant pitch variations of the most basic blues and folk music. Like turning the world upside down and finding another one underneath, a world where they only ever listen to jazz. Strictly speaking a loungecore classic, this is so full of jazz it almost feels genuine. The follow-up to Our Man In Paris and Gordon’s second European album. (SN), While the song titles – dedications to innovative musicians such as John Cage, Cecil Taylor and Leroy Jenkins – gave a clear indication of where the Association For The Advancement Of Creative Musicians iconoclast was coming from, few could have seen where, or rather how far, he was going on this landmark solo recital. Of course it was a complete red herring, because although Ornette did have a profound influence on subsequent jazz developments, it was an oblique one compared with that of Coltrane’s or Eric Dolphy’s or Miles Davis’. If you’ve ever made lists of your favourite rock songs about California, your favourite punk singles, disco 12 inches, songs with the name of your girlfriend or wife in them; if you read High Fidelity and thought Nick Hornby’s lists were rather pedestrian (didn’t you think he’d be more eclectic? With songs and arrangements by Neal Hefti (who would wholeheartedly embrace fame when he wrote and performed the theme from the Batman TV series in the mid-Sixties), this was one of the Basie’s greatest records, and one of his last. Rec. So, we thought that to celebrate the hundredth issue of your favourite magazine we’d take that perilous step to announce what we think are the 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World. Ask any number of influential music-makers who have been around, such as Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, and the like, they all agree. These heady cosmic grooves fed the creative fire of anyone from Roy Ayers to Lonnie Liston Smith in the 1970s and inspired the more discerning purveyors of pro-tools instrumental music such as The Cinematic Orchestra in the millennium. But Extrapolation is the most prophetic, not only as a stepping stone in McLaughlin’s career – from Extrapolation to Tony Williams’ Lifetime to Bitches Brew to the Mahavishnu Orchestra are indeed surprisingly small strides – but for how change in jazz in the late 1960s and early 1970s would shape up. One 20th-century genius reinvented by another. However, things went supernova-ish when this incredible unit made and released this jazz best-seller in 1958. These days, you can buy the complete Parker Savoys and Dials in a lavish multiple CD set, but you get all the breakdown, alternative takes and other bits and pieces, making it a trial for all but the committed Parker enthusiast. Rec. Within this admirably packaged 4-CD set from 2000 (easily the best collective incarnation of this music on disc) Armstrong’s accompanying groups expand to meet his conception as the years go by while Louis himself keeps making that big picture bigger. 2002 Preview SONG TIME Baby Please Don't Go (Live 1977) 1. (TB), Ethan Iverson (p), Reid Anderson (b) and Dave King (d). The tightly coiled title track is the best record Miles ever made. (KS), Sanders (ts) Leon Thomas (v, perc), James Spaulding (fl), Julius Watkins (Fr hn), Lonnie Liston Smith (p), Richard Davis, Reggie Workman, Ron Carter (b), Freddie Waits, William Hart (d) and Nathaniel Betis (perc). (BP), Miles Davis (t), Lee Konitz (as), Gerry Mulligan (bar s), JJ Johnson (tb), Kai Winding (tb), Junior Collins (Fr hn), Gunther Schuller (Fr hn), Sandy Siegelstein (Fr hn), Billy Barber (tba), John Barber (tba), Nelson Boyd (b), Joe Shulman (b), Al McKibbon (b), Al Haig (p), John Lewis (p), Kenny Clarke (d),  Max Roach (d), Gil Evans (arr), Johnny Carisi (arr) and Kenny Hagood (v). 1950-51Two Herculean trio tunes – ‘Tea For Two’ and ‘Hallelujah’, both taken at breakneck speeds – make up the 1950 contribution here. Just to give you some idea of how we drew up the criteria for this list: long-playing vinyl records began to appear in the US at the tail end of the 1940s, first in a 10” format, then by the mid-1950s in what became the standard 12” format that still persists today alongside CDs, which first appeared in the mid-1980s. There it is near the sales till, still moving up to 5,000 copies a week worldwide, outselling most contemporary jazz recordings. As Jelly Roll Morton had shown 50 years earlier, sometimes the best comes from a truly group effort. Intoxicating music played by masters makes this an era-defining milestone. Rec. (SN), John Handy (as), Mike White (el vn), Jerry Hahn (g), Don Thompson (b) and Terry Clarke (d). With an active critical fraternity already analysing the music’s every move, by the time records such as Saxophone Colossus turned up in 1956, the ability of a record to influence the entire direction of the music came centre stage. What Chuck Berry was doing at the gig is anyone’s guess, and you might want to skip that track. Often it’s the one jazz title owned by a metal head or a classical enthusiast, not just the jazz-focused. Armstrong’s unmistakable voice, full of cracks and fissures, is a cornerstone of early jazz, and his trumpet work is nothing short of pioneering. Also, jazz has often been victim to the vagaries of fashion, destined to be revived at the most inappropriate moments. The most recent album the purists like. (SN), Ellington (p), Wallace Jones, Cootie Williams, Ray Nance (t), Rex Stewart (ct), Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown (tb), Juan Tizol (v tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick (as), Ben Webster (ts), Harry Carney (bs, bcl) Fred Guy (g), Billy Strayhorn (p), Jimmy Blanton (b), Sonny Greer (d), Ivie Anderson, Herb Jeffries (v) and others. 1956, One of the most important jazz albums ever. Fontessa was their first for Atlantic with the fully integrated line-up including Connie Kay: it delivered a perfect blueprint for the many MJQ advances of the next decade. This first batch of musical territory had already been trampled underfoot by various members of the Miles Davis and John Coltrane ascendancy, including both leaders, but Marsalis brings his own considerable musical personality to bear on the situation and plays with great invention throughout. How many times could you listen to the first side of Van Morrison’s Moondance before it began to pale? Huge stars who live like normal … There is even a “Jazz For People Who Don’t Like Jazz” playlist on Spotify, even though there are more jazz playlists on Spotify than ever before. John Coltrane was part of his band then and, when the saxophonist got too big for himself, the trumpet player would say, “Coltrane, you don’t have to play everything.” But of course he did. But perhaps Kind of Blue is better measured by the sum of the constituent parts. Antônio Carlos Jobim albums. The last time jazz was really in the limelight was back in the mid-Eighties, when it became the soundtrack du jour in thousands of matt-black bachelor flats all over designer Britain and when every style magazine and beer ad seemed to look like a Blue Note album cover. Yet promoters would still say why not just play a 12-bar blues? The CD is a happily expanded version of the original vinyl, adding 27 minutes of excellent previously unreleased new music. (SN), Blakey (d), Lee Morgan (t), Benny Golson (ts), Bobby Timmons (p) and Jymie Merritt (b). For one of its joint creators – John Coltrane – it pointed the way forward: he led much of the jazz world into the 1960s after his modal lessons with Miles. And the music? Silver was so pleased with the result he asked for a photo of his dad to be used as the cover. Over half a century after the event it is difficult to recapture the shock that greeted the arrival of this record, but it just gave me a headache. Quirky, but cool. An absolute and indisputable joy. 1962, By 1962 Peterson’s trio was one of the top draws in jazz worldwide and Peterson himself habitually won every jazz piano popularity poll going. Hector Costita albums . Mmmm, jazz. 1969, Jazz and politics have always been entwined, but rarely in the music’s history have the links spelt out on record. (KS), Feature Ella Fitzgerald: essential recordings, Ellington (p), Willie Cook, Ray Nance, Clark Terry, Cat Anderson (t), Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders (tb), Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope (as), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bar s), Jimmy Woode (b) and Sam Woodyard (d). He picked the strings with his thumb instead of a plectrum, creating a fresh, warm sound – sensitive on ballads but incisive on fast tempos. Rec. Laden Sie jetzt unsere mobile App. Before I embarked on my quest I could never have pictured myself wearing a metaphorical beret and nodding along to seemingly random trumpet sounds in the comfort of my own home. Completely devoid of any of the fashionable Americanisms of the day, its music was full of light and colour derived from European modernist classical and film traditions. The song can still fill dancefloors today, and has an enduring R&B groove that never dates. 1964, Recorded a few months into his stint with Miles, this date finds Shorter on the cusp of his mature compositional and improvisatory styles and in the congenial company of Hancock and Carter, with Elvin Jones keeping it honest at the back and Hubbard providing his usual perfect foil at the front. Céu albums. Rec. 1972, Formed in 1971, the original Mahavishnu Orchestra remains guitarist John McLaughlin’s greatest achievement. But Tristano’s own audience remained tiny, this Atlantic album containing his moving elegy to Charlie Parker, ‘Requiem’, and his controversial multi-tracking of his own piano lines, ‘Line Up’, providing a brief moment when everyone sat up and took notice. It was only later that his musical forms were grasped and understood. He expected his musicians to adhere to such views and accept whatever discipline he imposed. Koop are another example of PoMoMoR (PostModernMiddleoftheRoad), a musical genre you’ll have heard in the last branch of the Elemis you inadvertently wandered into. (KS), Morton (p, comp, arr), George Mitchell (c), Edward Kid Ory (tb), Omer Simeon, Barney Bigard, Darnell Howard, Johnny Dodds (cl), Stump Evans (as), Johnny St Cyr (bj), John Lindsay (b), Andrew Hilaire, Baby Dodds (d) and others. Rec. (SN), Tomasz Stanko (t), Marcin Wasilewski (p), Slawomir Kurkiewicz (b) and Michal Miskiewicz (d). “Flirtbird”, written about the female lead Lee Remick, appears to have been inspired by her derrière. Talkin’ Loud’s Talkin’ Jazz compilations have been real curate’s eggs (More Themes From The Black Forest, for instance, contains the Dieter Reith Trio’s wondrous version of Burt Bacharach’s “Wives And Lovers”, but also a lot of iffier material), although this one is completely successful, containing a varied selection of some of the more esoteric examples of Brazilian jazz. At the time, Bert Stern’s film was revolutionary, and still has enormous charm. Elizete Cardoso albums. These sessions, like the Parker Savoys, are the holy tablets of bop. Soon I began compiling an imaginary list of the best jazz records of all time, a list that started to occupy my every waking thought. (KLG), John McLaughlin (g), John Surman (bs, ss), Brian Odges (b) and Tony Oxley (d). The original vinyl had just three tracks: this was also the original CD configuration. This classic live recording, from 1678 Broadway, New York’s premier bebop club, starts with the voice of Pee Wee Marquette, Birdland’s diminutive MC: “Ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have something special down here at Birdland this evening… a recording for Blue Note records.” His words were famously sampled on Us3’s jazz-hop hit “Cantaloop”. (KS), Jackie McLean (as), Walter Davis (p), Herbie Lewis (b) and Billy Higgins (d). In many ways, this record is his tribute to his own heroes: “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” is a salute to saxophonist Lester Young; “Open Letter To Duke” is an homage to Ellington; while “Bird Calls” cites Charlie Parker. 80. critic score (1) 76. user score (2) SPAZA. The overall marvel of this record is that, while it proved to be so pregnant with ideas for those who followed in the next decades, the music grips the listener as excitingly as ever today. Rec. This powerful set, containing classic interpretations of post-bop standards such as ‘Daahaud’, ‘Joy Spring’ and ‘Parisienne Thoroughfare’ is still the starting-point for post-Parker bop and mandatory listening for any subsequent trumpeter. Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis While it is one of the top selling jazz albums of all time, many consider this to be THE best jazz album of all time. (KS), Review The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out (50th Anniversary Legacy Edition) ★★★★★, Herbie Hancock (ky), Bennie Maupin (saxes, fl, b cl), Paul Jackson (b), Harvey Mason (d) and Bill Summers (perc). At the close of the 60s, the modal idea became the foundation of fusion jazz. One-dimensional exercises such as list-making seem especially un-hip and unrevealing when it comes to jazz, the most porous and democratic of musics, open to all influences, granting all styles equal value and importance. Jamal’s ideas about integrated and disciplined trio interplay had already deeply influenced jazz’s inner circle of musicians while his piano-guitar-bass trio was around throughout the early 1950s. Take a peek inside the latest issue of Songlines magazine. There are no songs for me to sing to.” (The only jazz tune she liked is “Everybody Want To Be A Cat" from Disney’s The Aristocats.) 1980, Duke Ellington discovered and recorded pianist-composer Dollar Brand aka Abdullah Ibrahim in 1963 playing in a more or less conventional jazz manner, but it took a long time for the South African township music he evolved in the 1970s to be accepted outside of Africa. The song vividly showcased Getz’s pure-toned tenor sax and the intimate, burry voice of Gilberto, though as recording progressed it became evident that Gilberto could only sing in Portuguese. By the time he recorded this he had already completed 19 albums for Blue Note, although this is the one that made his name. Ohne Werbung. 1976, Sometimes, when listening to Weather Report at their best and this is one of their very best, it’s worth pinching yourself as a reminder that at their heart, this band comprised one of jazz’s most basic jazz configurations. By contrast, this compact little high-quality cardsleeve box of three CDs, accompanied by a magnificent 75-page booklet in French and English which contains lavish photographs and discographical details, is by some distance the best one-step intro Django’s staggering genius. But Saxophone Colossus towers above them all, not only because it concentrates on a quartet setting allowing undiluted access to the creative process of Sonny at his most inspired, but because it is one of those happy coincidences where all elements came off equally well, including the use of unusual repertoire and inspired originals. It left audiences in awe, then suddenly was gone. (KS), Feature Sonny Rollins: Albums That Shook The World, Hill (p), Kenny Dorham (t), Eric Dolphy (f, as, bcl), Joe Henderson (ts, f), Richard Davis (b) and Tony Williams (d). From the off, Blue Note was looking for commercial success and his version of ‘The Champ’, though not the first Jimmy Smith Blue Note single (on Volume two rather than Volume one), delivered big time. 1998, Voted best jazz album of 1998 by The Guardian and part three of a musical odyssey that comprises five volumes stretching from 1996-2000. Rec. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band albums. Ornette Coleman was one. Jazzwise Magazine, One of the most popular jazz records of all time, a collection of songs that highlight jazz at its very highest level of achievement. The selections here aren’t necessarily all benchmarks, they’re simply the best records to listen to, the ones that will give you the most pleasure. Using the bubbly Clark Terry and Paul Chambers on a subsequent session was a stroke of genius, as was the unaccompanied piano track. 10 Essential Jazz Albums. Coming out of the universal consciousness of mentor John Coltrane and borrowing some of the celestial majesty of his widow Alice, Sanders gets modal-hymnal on the enduring ‘The Creator Has A Master Plan’ and dazzlingly abstract on ‘Colors’. Aged five, after being subjected to hours of Charlie Parker in the car one weekend, she said, “I don’t like this music. A masterpiece of small group playing and a masterclass on the role of composition in the music. But not everyone I asked was as enthusiastic as I was. The album features Dizzy Gillespie’s exotic title track, a song that was made for Blakey by dint of its hypnotic patterns, and a song he would record nearly a dozen times over the next decade. Smith is the man who revolutionised jazz by playing the Hammond B-3 organ, an instrument he kept in his shed for two years while learning to play it. 1983, A star-studded line-up this might have been, however, by the time they came to make their debut on an American label, Steps Ahead had forged a powerful group identity that critics were dubbing “the new acoustic fusion.” Much of this was down to a repertoire comprising original, ad hoc song forms that seldom employed straight ahead rhythms. Who could sing like a dream. The less well-known Ernie Henry was in the pianist’s regular quartet and a post-Parker deviant comparable to Jackie McLean, while Pettiford was a pioneer bopper beloved of Monk except when they disagreed. The saxophonist’s meditative pose against a hazy burnt orange sun posits Karma as a healing sound for love children alarmed by the bomb, the bullet and the ballot. This one made it through a combination of memorable compositions (‘Melody For Melonae’) an attitude towards musical freedom fed by the new politics of the day and a consistent commitment to all-out emotionalism that is so forceful it frankly leaves the rest of his group in the shade. Barry Guy albums. The 1959 disc didn’t arrive with a thunderous clap, yet four decades later, at the end of the millennium, there it was at the top of any and all “best of” lists, nudging aside so many rock, pop and hip-hop recordings. But once he was hooked, he became an aficionado: here are the best jazz albums for anyone to pick up to start – or supplement – their love of the genre. 1989, This is a superb example of post modern jazz. Influence is far-reaching; “Breathe” from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon was based on a chord sequence from this album. The fact that 60 per cent of the original (including just about all of The Festival Suite) was recorded in the studio in the following days due to onstage microphone problems was only confirmed decades later. Album: Beauty Released: 2020 Style: Jazz Format: MP3 320Kbps Size: 238 Mb Tracklist and Download links » Thelonious Monk – Palo Alto (2020) Posted by On December - 1 - 2020. My theories on why that particular Miles album maintains its hold on the top of various charts never seem to settle comfortably on one explanation. Jetzt testen. Höre so viel Musik wie du möchtest auf deinem PC, Smartphone oder Tablet sowie Home-Entertainment-System. This results in very poor quality compared with, say, classical music. 1973, It may have been jazz-rock after Bitches Brew, but after Head Hunters jazz-funk was the flavour de jour. (DH), Davis (t, flhn), orchestra and Gil Evans (cond, arr). The biggest crossover star to emerge for years – this album stayed in the American Top Ten for 37 weeks. The second Simone masterpiece. Secondly, he’s a distinctive composer with a knack for melody, as this fine album demonstrates, even if the defining tune, ‘Take Five’, is a Desmond composition. Recorded with a classic line-up – pianist Kenny Drew, bassist Paul Chambers, trumpeter Lee Morgan, Trombonist Curtis Fuller and drummer Philly Joe Jones – the album consists of four very distinct pieces, each one representing a stage of spiritual development. (KS), Brad Mehldau (p), Larry Grenadier (b) and Jorge Rossy (d). Herbie, of course, would do it without him a few months later on Maiden Voyage. Not as successfully integrated as their subsequent Indo-Jazz Fusions I and II, this however first put the fat in the pan for Gabor Szabo, Shakti, Trilok Gurtu, Mukta, Nitin Sawhney and the feast of Indo-Jazz that followed. A man in convulsions, face contorted, crouched over in apparent agony, his fingers flying, his foot dancing over pedals.”. Rec. Not owning this record is like not owning Revolver or London Calling. Jazz has been called America's classical music, and for good reason. That they had the assistance of such stars as Hodges, Williams, Bigard, Webster and Blanton only added to the music’s lustre: it remains an imperishable treasure. Highlights include “Everything Must Change”, the heartbreaking ‘That’s All I Want From You”, and Randy Newman’s maudlin-to-the max title track, a song she makes her own. Sebastian Rochford (d), Pete Wareham, Mark Lockheart (ts), Tom Herbert (b), Leafcutter John (programming) plus Jonny Philips (g), Ingrid Laubrock (ts), Joe Bentley (tb), Emma Smith (v) and Hannah Marshall (c). Rec. 1965, A classic jazz album produced at a time when such albums seemed to be coming out every other day. (KS), Pat Metheny (g), Jaco Pastorius (b) and Bob Moses (d). Rec. With the spotlight for once firmly on Young himself, the intimate date exhibits all Young’s soul, elusive melodic and rhythmic invention, down-home drive and unearthly delicacy and shows just why he was Charlie Parker’s early idol. This is the exception. Rec. Who Knew?) ‘Responsible’, for all its atonal howling, ends with a fabulous latin vamp while ‘Music For Han Bennink’ squeals and yelps with joy. Rec. Californian jazz-pop that’s so laid-back it makes Nick Drake sound like The Buzzcocks. (DH), Haden (b), Don Cherry, Michael Mantler (t), Roswell Rudd (tb), Bob Northern (Fr hn), Howard Johnson (tba), Perry Robinson (cl), Gato Barbieri, Dewey Redman (ts), Sam Brown (g), Carla Bley (p, arr), Paul Motian and Andrew Cyrille (d). (SN) Re-issued on Polydor CD. 1969. It’s also important to stress Brubeck’s commitment to collective invention within his group: still an unusual thing in jazz in 1959. No matter how many times you approach this album it’s always greater than the sum of whatever parts you compile. Jon Newey Friday, November 27, 2020 The ultimate guide to the year's best new jazz albums as voted for by Jazzwise's peerless panel of reviewers – … View on LIVE. ‘New York Minute’ is from the Don Henley album The End of The Innocence and songs by the likes of Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and Prince make this one of the first albums after 1990 to return to songs from popular culture once more as a basis for jazz improvisation. Helped by a cast that included Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy and Bill Evans, Nelson delivered a set of profound meditations on the blues (including ‘Stolen Moments’) and then backed that up by playing the tenor saxophone with such force and inventiveness that he stood as an equal with the heavyweights listed above. Create your own list of music and share it with the world. Barry Adamson albums. How very jazz. His tunes were, in the words of one critic, “rigorous investigations of musical ideas”; i.e. Not just another “greatest jazz albums” list of favourite recordings and biggest sellers but a fully annotated look at the albums that actually changed jazz, changed lives and brought the music kicking and screaming into the new millennium. Groundbreaking, it gave young British jazz bands the guts to label themselves like rock bands and to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Includes the massive hit single “Watermelon Man”. Includes the classic “Cantaloupe Island”, later to become a jazz standard. Rec. Rollins himself was clearly inspired enough by such material as ‘St Thomas’ and ‘The Moritat’ from Threepenny Opera to still be playing them in concert 50 years later. Then, a car crash claimed Brown and pianist Richie Powell and it was all over. A child prodigy who became famous for his locomotive fingers in the Thirties. Whatever jazz might have been as an actual occupation, the jazz musician offered one of the first truly nonmechanical metaphors of the 20th century. 78. critic score (1) Sun Ra Arkestra. Brand … A lifelong fan, Frank Sinatra came to visit her on the night she died. And so Getz asked Gilberto’s 24-year-old Bahia-born wife Astrud to sing it for him. (BP), Feature Thelonious Monk: essential recordings, Rollins (ts), Tommy Flanagan (p), Doug Watkins (b) and Max Roach (d). Nevertheless, it is tempting to call these original recordings definitive, if only because they do in fact define the essence of Rollins’ approach to improvisation, wringing every nuance and variation he can from the theme and its associated melodic and rhythmic patterns. “If you like Kind of Blue, turn it over, look who plays on it,” says keyboardist Ben Sidran. Not only is there just so much... stuff, but it’s an ever-expanding world. Nevertheless, if only for its blatant commerciality, this is an indispensable Davis record. (KS), Thelonious Monk (p), Idrees Sulieman/George Taitt (t), Danny Quebec West/Sahib Shihab (as), Billy Smith (ts), Gene Ramey/Bob Paige (b) and Art Blakey (d). Ca c’est superb! I didn’t fully realise it then, but Kind of Blue helped me see the vastness before me and rejoice in its expanse. I feel the ranking of a musical masterpiece is one that should be open to constant rethink, even if the status remains the same in the end. Nice. (SN), Krzysztof Komeda (p), Tomasz Stanko (t), Zbigniew Namyslowski (as), Gunter Lenz (b) and Rune Carlson (d). 1964, Ayler made a couple of revolutionary records in Europe two years prior to this but the first ESP-Disk was the one that made the breakthrough in terms of reaching out and changing absolutely everything. No damaged majesty here. The album was a compilation of excerpts from Elvis Presley's concerts, containing almost no actual music and instead consisting mainly of banter and jokes between numbers, compiled in an incomprehensible manner due to the omission of the songs many of the jokes referred to. A deeply subversive but sophisticated work that must have been highly informative to anyone from Zappa to Zorn. There are nearly as many jazz albums as there are women in the world and how could you sleep with all of them?

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